The next evolution in 3D printing

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We believe manufacturing should be done by people that want to make the best products - not just money. 

We don’t believe companies should be able to charge hundreds of dollars because you have to buy the whole assembly when all you need is a 50-cent part.

If you are the sort of person that wants to take total control of your life or business we have created the 888 3D printer for you.  

Let's take back control of manufacturing from the corporations.  

The 888 goes on sale April 2018.  We expect that the first batch will sell quickly. To avoid missing out you can order now and will receive printers from our first production run.


Our mission is to bring 3D printing to everyone. We believe in a future where the benefits of 3D printing are available to everyone. Rather than replacing damaged items, we are now provided the option of repairing them and improving them. In the 1980s and 1990s, we saw the widespread adoption of computer technology – 2018 marks the beginning of this same process for 3D printing. This era will become known as 3D printing 2.0.

We now all have the ability to manufacture, modify, improve, and personalise products on demand. No longer will you need to rely on unreliable suppliers, and the inefficiency of manufacturing. We want to help you change the world.

The 3D printing industry has now developed to a point where it is both viable and easy to adopt the technology. We have created our product by perfecting 3D printing technologies, as well as introducing innovations where there are gaps in the market. We want you to have the best 3D printer ever made. The AONIQ 888 is the first industrial FFF 3D printer offering the fabrication of production parts at a cost-effective price-point. Additionally our printer delivers a breakthrough advancement in 3D printable filament – AONIQ PVC.

AONIQ PVC can be used in much the same way as traditional 3D polymers like PLA or ABS. You can still create rapid prototypes by giving it a honeycomb infill. This is a great technique for this application, as you do not waste excess material. But, the truly amazing thing about AONIQ PVC is when you 3D print a solid object it compares to an injection molded part. When subjected to breakage testing, all other filaments that we have tested to date fracture at the layer - but not AONIQ PVC.

AONIQ PVC – it will transform 3D printing by allowing almost every business to introduce 3D printing into their operations in order to realise both cost and time savings.

We have performed rigorous testing to make the 888 one of the most reliable 3D printers ever released.


The 888 is compatible with two of the best software slicers on the market - Simplifiy3D and Cura. This provides you the flexibility to fine tune 3D prints or you also can use the basic settings provided and start printing like a pro from day one.

The 888 comes in an enclosure which has been custom designed to provide a safe PVC print operating environment. The enclosure eliminates any fumes using the inbuilt carbon filtration system. Additionally, the enclosure also provides clean filtered power to help avoid any print mishaps caused by dirty power.

With its built-in camera, customers can also receive on-line real time training and support as well as monitor their print jobs remotely.


888 3d printer.jpg

Technical specifications

Technology: FFF/FDM

Number of Printheads: 5 - 2 x 0.4, 1 x 0.3, 1 x 0.5 and 1 x 0.2

Printing Area: 235 x 255 x 195 mm

Printer Dimensions: 560 x 488 x 620 mm

Extruder Type: direct drive

Filament Diameter of 1.75 mm

Firmware: Simplified3D, Cura

Communication: SD card, USB

Operating System: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows

Maximum Head Temperature: 250 ° C

Maximum Bed Temperature: 180 ° C

Layer Height: 20-400 microns

X and Y Resolution: 20 microns

7" Touch screen 

Guided by 4 linear rails and two massive ball screws, the AONIQ 888 printer can print with an accuracy of the width of a human hair.

The cables are protected by cable chains that move along a single axis, reducing the likelihood of cable breakages.

The print surface is one of the most critical parts for a 3D print and uneven print surface temperature causes adhesion failure. Over 95% of 3D printers require the print surface to be treated prior to starting a print to ensure strong adhesion. Our print tables don't need anything added to keep your print from moving while in operation. The other major advancement is once the AONIQ table cools down it releases the print and you can pick it up with very little effort. The print surface of the 888 heats evenly across the print surface and keeps it at a stable temperature ensuring strong adhesion of the print to the table surface.