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AONIQ was formed to be a disruptive company to a disruptive industry. 3D printing was supposed to bring about a new age in manufacturing, one where we would be able to build customised parts, make improvements easily and stop paying huge amount of money to do so. Instead we have only two types of 3d printers, extremely expensive industrial 3d printers that are only affordable to large corporations or cheap 3d printers that are only able to work if you have an engineering background and don’t mind spending hours on end fixing it to make sure it works.

Somewhere and somehow this industry has forgotten 3d printing should be for everyone. AONIQ has decided to fix this, we plan to set a whole new standard in 3d printing and material development.

Our goal is to give the average person the ability to not only take on the large corporations but beat them.

We want to give our customers all the tools they need to take their business to the next level or create a completely new business that does away with old inefficient and wasteful manufacturing practises. Our customers will be the pioneers in their respective fields that everyone else will follow or over time we will see them fade away.

We are a R&D company and as such we will constantly be searching for ways we can help. When we find these ways, we will help the world to understand how they can be of befit and what we can do with them.

AONIQ is going to help businesses understand what are the new best practices to model in this new age. We are a company that will share openly how we do things so others can follow us. 


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42 Hoskins street

Mitchell, ACT, 2911

Email: info@aionq.com