Finance available


AONIQ has partner with FINLEASE+ and can provide flexible finance options tailored to education technology or businesses.

AONIQ and Finlease can provide a 3D printer rental solutions you need today. As industrial 3d printers are out of the price range of the school and most businesses we have finance available that will help you should you need it.

New schools of thought on rental.

Finlease 3D printer rental allows your school or business to keep up with new technologies as they become available. It’s also a smarter 3d printer finance solution because it allows you to expand your system as your needs grow. If you want to keep ahead of the pack and have the latest in 3D printing equipment to empower your students or workers with knowledge on the endless applications of this technology? But if you purchase such equipment outright, you could be stuck with outdated equipment in the near future.

With Finlease 3D printer rental, you’ll have the technology you need, when you need it and you can avoid all the hidden fees and high interest rates of some of the retailer finance options, to save you money.

An AONIQ representative can visit you to better understand your needs and talk to you about the available options. As a guide, we recommend 3-year finance options on equipment and support costs.

Then, we’ll actively manage the whole process from application to approval, leaving you to remain focused on the needs of your business.

AONIQ and Finlease can provide you with the most cost-effective and flexible option available for 3d printing.

Speak to our representative today!