The most supported 3D printer ever released

The 888 3D printer has uncompromising level of customer support 

A major problem stopping additive manufacture becoming mainstream is the poor level of support. We at AONIQ understand this and have developed an advanced customer support system.

All 888 customers receive our “diamond level” support, which provides 24 hour a day customer support from our team of expert technicians. With you by our side we can remotely log in into your printer and see what exactly is going on. Gone are the days where you spent hours on the phone trying to explain what is happening. Our staff will review what has happened, and either fix the problem for you or show you what needs to be done using your large 7 inch colour touch screen




Should a major fault be detected we will dispatch a new unit to you straight away and arrange for the faulty one to be returned.

We also offer 12 month warranty on all our 3D Printers but we want every customer to experience our new “diamond level” of support - as this is what we believe the new standard should be.