888 PVC 3D Printer option 2, prices are in USD

888 PVC 3D Printer option 2, prices are in USD


As you have found us before we have even launched we would like to offer you our pre sale special price.

AONIQ has created a 3d printer unlike any before it.

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We are at the dawn of a new era in manufacturing.  If you would like to take total control of your life or business like you have never been able to do before the 888 PVC 3D printer is for you.

Up until now 3d printing has been a promise of what tomorrow will bring. If you want to produce parts on demand, make improvements to existing designs, or personalized products. This printer is for you.

3D printing is now moving into a new phase, 3D printing 2.0 Our industry is now maturing to a point where the mainstream can adopt this technology. Just as in the 1990s when computers started to be widely adopted into businesses. 2017 will mark the time in history that 3d printing was adopted.

This will usher in an age where we repair more items instead of discarding them.  Not only will we repair products we will enhance them.  Each breakage or part failure will provide an opportunity for improvement.

With the release of the AONIQ 888 PVC 3D printer the promise of 3D printing is now being delivered upon. 

The 888 is the first inexpensive industrial FFF 3d printer capable of the fabrication of production parts.  Coupled with a breakthrough advancement in 3d printable filament, AONIQ PVC, it will transform 3d printing and allow almost every business introduce 3d printing into their operations and realise cost and time savings.

AONIQ PVC can be used like traditional 3d polymers like PLA or ABS as you can make rapid prototype objects by giving it a honeycomb infill. This is a great technique for this application, as you don’t waste excess material. The truly amazing thing about AONIQ PVC is when you 3d print an object with 100% infill thus making it perform as if it was injected molded.

All other filaments we have tested to date fracture at the layer.  PVC has superior layer adhesion when printed at the correct settings, the 888 arrives configured to print PVC.

 The above print was printed with AONIQ PVC and was broken with a hammer, this is a good example of how this filament will fracture

The above print was printed with AONIQ PVC and was broken with a hammer, this is a good example of how this filament will fracture

We have performed rigorous testing to make the 888 as reliable as we can. 


The 888 goes on sale 1 August 2017.  We expect that the first batch will sell quickly. To avoid missing out you can order now and will receive printers from our first production run.

The 888 is a sophisticated, stylish 3d printer that is also the most functional 3d printer ever released. Even though we have tried to make the 888 fit into every environment it cant help becoming a feature in any room. The laser cut aluminium chassis is a custom coat of blue. The back enclosure with clear acrylic, incasing this 3d printer gives you perfect angles to watch your designs come to life. A large 7 inch touch screen gives you ease of navigation over your 3d printer, this also doubles as a training and support tool as you can watch all our videos or stream special instructions from our team.


Technical specifications:

Technology: FFF

Number of printheads: 2 x 0.4, 1 x 0.3, 1 x 0.5

Printing area: 235 x 255 x 195 mm

Printer dimensions: 560 x 488 x 620 mm

Extruder type: direct drive

Filament diameter of 1.75 mm Firmware: Simplified3d, Cura

Communication: SD card, USB

Operating System: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows

Maximum head temperature: 250 ° C

Maximum bed temperature: 180 ° C

Layer height: 20-400 microns

X and Y resolution: 20 microns

Price: $12,499USD


888 3d printer

When it comes to the 3D printer’s body it does not muck around with strength and quality parts.

 (The above photo show’s the linear guide rails)

This machine uses 4 linear guide rails and two massive ball screws that move smoothly and quietly. This is important as it’s the reason the 888 can produce the accuracy of the width of a human hair. All the cables are protected by cable chains, so they move only in one axis which will help with the longevity of this printer.



 (Heavy duty cablechains)                                                                           (Industrial size ball screws)


The print surface is a critical part for making a 3d printer run smoothly so a 50-point pressure guided auto bed leveling sequence will run the first time you start your printer. From there on though you will only ever need the auto compensator to make sure your prints adhere perfectly every time.


The build surface of the 888 is a AOINQ table. This is by far the most superior print surface there is on the market to date. Once this surface heats up your print job will stick to it like glue. But when it cools down it releases your print job and you can lift it off the bed like a glass of a table. This is a huge advancement as over 95%of all 3d printers require treatment before printing to maker sure they stick apart from being time consuming they can be incredibly hard to get of once the print has finished. 


It wasn't enough to find the best print surface as we also new all current heat surfaces being used were not able to give a stable temperature across the whole print surface. With this in mind our team began searching and trailing heat surfaces and what we have  created is a revolutionary new heat surface that will not only help our industry but countless others. We will be releasing more on this closer to our release date. 


The other major advancements to our 3d printers is it’s push release print head, this has multiple benefits the first is if you are swapping between materials especially ones like TPU and ABS there is no need to clean the head just run the remove filament process and when it cools dow it will take seconds to change.


Another advantage of 888 is it’s ability to print from virtually any material available on the market. I know that sounds like a cliché, because every manufacturer of 3D printers with a heated printing bed will say so, but in the case of 888 it is sincere truth.



Simply put you have the two best software slicers on the market Simplified3d and Cura. This gives you the ability to fine tune just about everything once you become a Jedi masters of 3d printing or use the basic setting already set up for you and you will be printing like a pro from day one.

888 3d printer
888 PVC 3D Printer option 2, prices are in USD
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