PVC filament x 10 rolls

PVC filament x 10 rolls

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Our minimum order is 10 rolls. AONIQ is an R&D company we do not sell products long term.  We develop and launch.  You will need to determine settings and dial in your 3d printer for best results.  If you are not getting consistent successful results with your current 3d printer, be advised that using PVC will not cure this.

We have not tested this filament on many desktop type 3d printers. For those printers this filament should be considered experimental.

Ambient temperature needs to be consistent and a heated bed used to ensure consistent results.

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Recommended 3D print speed:
40 – 90 mm/s
Recommended printing temperature:
192 – 231°C (Diameter of 1.75mm)
Recommended heated bed temperature
62 - 79°C
Build platform
We recommend that a heated bed is used preferably with PEI or ceramic surface. However, for the best results, we recommend that you use the AONIQ build surface.